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50 Best Floral Perfumes for 2020

50 Best Floral Perfumes for 2020

While there are many different scent families, notes and scents of perfumes, the most common, and most popular scent is floral. Consisting of notes of rose, jasmine, gardenia and other fragrant blossoms, these perfumes are feminine, classy and romantic.

Though these perfumes hold the spirit of springtime in every spritz, they can be worn year-round to always keep the aroma of your favorite bloom around you. We’ve rounded up 50 of the best floral perfumes for 2020 and beyond! Check out the following list to find an old favorite or a new signature scent to set the tone for the decade.

Best Floral Perfumes Overall

These floral perfumes have stood the test of time as the best of the best. You deserve nothing less, so any of these 10 perfumes will do the trick as your new go-to.

1.  Chanel No. 5

The best-selling fragrance in the world, introduced in 1921, revolutionized the floral perfume market to become one of the most famous, sophisticated perfumes on the market.

Top notes: Aldehydes, neroli, ylang-ylang, bergamot, lemon

Heart notes: Rose, lily-of-the-valley, jasmine

Base notes: Amber, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, vanilla, oakmoss, vetiver, civet

Best for: Any woman wishing to channel her inner Marilyn Monroe for a signature scent she can even wear to bed.


2. Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Combining the very best aspects of a light, clean, feminine and floral perfume, this scent is an instant classic that very well may become your new go-to.

Top notes: Violet leaf, red grapefruit, strawberry

Heart notes: Gardenia, violet, jasmine

Base notes: Musk, white woods, vanilla

Best for: The woman who wishes for spring florals, smells and vibes year-round.


3. The One by Dolce & Gabbana

Created to celebrate that “every woman is the one,” this feminine perfume expertly combines fruity and floral notes to create an expertly crisp, lovely scent to return to time and time again.

Top notes: Mandarin orange, peach, lychee, bergamot

Heart notes: Jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, plum

Base notes: Vetiver, amber, musk, vanilla

Best for: The fun-loving, flirty woman who wants to add a splash of flavor to even the most dreary of Monday mornings.


4. Flora by Gucci

This classically light and feminine scent embodies the best of what makes a floral perfume, beautifully juxtaposing delicate florals with sharp, intoxicating spices.

Top notes: Peony, citrus

Heart notes: Rose, osmanthus, clove

Base notes: Sandalwood, patchouli

Best for: The fresh-faced young woman looking for a scent that matches her enthusiasm for what lies ahead.


5. Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

A floral scent doesn’t need to be meek, and this flowery Oriental scent proves that floral perfumes can be just as bold and sultry as any other.

Top notes: Tea, osmanthus, bergamot

Heart notes: Orchid, rose, freesia, African Orange flower, jasmine

Base notes: Musk, patchouli

Best for: A confident woman who easily commands any room and wants her perfume to do the same.


6. Jadore by Dior

This perfume bottle is the most upscale of fruity and floral fragrances to make an intoxicating, long-lasting spray that’s sure to turn heads whenever it’s worn.

Top notes: Melon, peach, pear, magnolia, bergamot, mandarin orange

Heart notes: Tuberose, orchid, lily-of-the-valley, rose, violet, jasmine, plum, freesia

Base notes: Musk, vanilla, cedar, blackberry

Best for: Any woman looking for a special-occasion scent that will make the first impression for her.


7. Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Perfumes like this don’t come around often, and with a uniquely floral, fruity and spicy scent bouquet, wearing this scent will practically guarantee compliments and head turns.

Top notes: Persimmon, pomegranate

Heart notes: Black orchid, lotus blossom

Base notes: Violet, cream, amber, wood

Best for: Any woman who thrives in the spotlight and wants everything about her to command attention.


8. Oscar by Oscar De La Renta

A classic perfume that begs to become a signature scent, Oscar combines delicate florals and sharp herbs to create an invigorating, sophisticated fragrance for any and every occasion.

Top notes: Basil, coriander, peach, orange blossom, gardenia, galbanum

Heart notes: Jasmine, tuberose, lavender, cyclamen, rose, orchid, rosemary

Base notes: Carnation, lavender, amber, patchouli, opoponax, sandalwood, vetiver

Best for: The timeless woman looking for a fragrance she can depend on to lift her up, time and time again.


9.  Coach Floral

This elegantly floral, fruity and spicy perfume combines the softness of flowers with the excitement of Oriental spices, making this the perfect spray for any occasion.

Top notes: Pink peppercorn, citrus coeur, pineapple sorbet

Heart notes: Gardenia, rose tea, jasmine sambac

Base notes: Patchouli, musk, wood

Best for: The classically feminine woman who wants a scent to take her seamlessly from the office to dinner and drinks.


10. Black Orchid by Tom Ford

This one-of-a-kind fragrance balances spicy, sweet and earthy scents to create a spellbindingly sensual scent, tailor-made for any late-night rendezvous.

Top notes: Ylang-ylang, French jasmine, black truffle, blackcurrant, citruses

Heart notes: Gardenia, lotus, fruits, black orchid

Base notes: Oriental incense, white musk, amber, patchouli, Mexican chocolate

Best for: The confident woman unafraid of being bold—or making the first move.


Classically Floral

Sometimes, the best way to enjoy a floral perfume is by choosing a classic, beautifully floral fragrance. In the case of these 10 scents, simplicity is best!

11. Gucci Guilty

This perfume has a full-bodied, uniquely floral fragrance and feminine personality, making it the perfect classic floral to add to your collection.

Top notes: Bergamot, pink pepper, mandarin orange

Heart notes: Black currant, jasmine, peach, geranium, lilac

Base notes: Vanilla, patchouli, amber, white musk

Best for: The one-of-a-kind woman who wants to make a statement with everything, including her perfume.


12. Pleasures by Estee Lauder

This delicate, intensely floral perfume combines the freshness and vibrancy of a full bouquet of fresh-cut flowers to make a light, feminine scent perfect for the springtime.

Top notes: Red berry, pink pepper, freesia, violet

Heart notes: Rose, peony, lily, lilac

Base notes: Cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, musk

Best for: The woman looking for a light, playful perfume that will brighten up any and every day.


13. White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

A classically floral perfume, this scent doesn’t mess around when it comes to embracing the elegance, romance, and femininity that comes with being a floral fragrance.

Top notes: Bergamot, neroli, lily, orange

Heart notes: Violet, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, narcissus, Egyptian tuberose

Base notes: Patchouli, amber, oakmoss, musk, sandalwood

Best for: A refined woman looking to exude that same simplicity and class with her every move.


14. Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

This herbaceous, floral fragrance defines femininity and freshness for the wearer, ensuring a scent reminiscent of past florals with a uniquely modern edge.

Top notes: Lemon, mint

Heart notes: Jasmine, peony, pink pepper

Base notes: Sugary florals, forest woods

Best for: A sophisticated woman looking to add an edge to her personality and signature scent.


15. Beautiful by Estee Lauder

This unmistakably floral perfume isn’t your everyday flowery scent, with a unique bouquet that balances floral and green accords for a truly intoxicating, head-turning aroma.

Top notes: Bergamot, mandarin orange, lily, cassia, lemon, rose, blackcurrant

Heart notes: Ylang-ylang, jasmine, marigold, lilac, freesia, tuberose

Base notes: Vetiver, amber, cedar, musk, vanilla, sandalwood

Best for: A complex woman looking for an unmistakably “her” perfume, just as undefinable as she is.


16. Chloe (new)

This spicy, floral perfume adds a modest kick to an otherwise blooming bouquet of delicate blooms, ideal for wearing during springtime adventures.

Top notes: Peony, lychee, freesia

Heart notes: Rose, lily-of-the-valley, magnolia

Base notes: Amber, Virginia cedar

Best for: Any woman looking to embrace the freshness and rebirth of the spring with an updated signature scent.


17. Vera Wang

This sultry floral perfume kicks the intensity of floral perfumes up a notch, providing an intoxicating fragrance that’s practically begging to become a signature scent.

Top notes: Cleaver, mandarin blossom

Heart notes: Gardenia, Bulgarian rose

Base notes: Musk, Stephanotis

Best for: A woman looking for a scent that matches her inner (and outer) elegance and femininity.


18. Burberry London

Some perfumes are instant classics for a reason, and this sophisticated, intensely floral aroma is no exception.

Top notes: Rose, honeysuckle, tangerine

Heart notes: Jasmine, peony, Tahitian Tiare flower

Base notes: Musk, sandalwood, patchouli

Best for: The metropolitan woman looking for an intoxicating, unique signature scent to make her own.


19. Mon Guerlain

This unmistakably floral scent is reminiscent of powdery floral perfumes of the past, with an elevated, unique twist making it perfect for any modern woman.

Top notes: Lavender, bergamot

Heart notes: Jasmine sambac, iris

Base notes: Australian sandalwood, coumarin, Tahitian vanilla

Best for: The summer-loving woman who wants a classic perfume with a modern edge.


20. Alfred Sung

Sometimes you shouldn’t mess with a good thing, and this fan-favorite floral fragrance is the definition of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Top notes: Lemon, orange, bergamot, mandarin orange, hyacinth, galbanum, ylang-ylang

Heart notes: Carnation, iris, lily-of-the-valley, rose, orchid, osmanthus, jasmine

Base notes: Vetiver, orange blossom, vanilla, amber, sandalwood, oakmoss, musk

Best for: The classic woman who seeks to celebrate the old while embracing the new.


Floral and Flirty

Floral perfumes don’t have to remind you of roses to be wearable. These 10 fragrances show that floral perfumes can be just as flirty and fun as any other!

21. Happy by Clinique

Introduced in 1997, this perfume has made a name for itself as a go-to flirty, fun fragrance for all ages that combines the best of fruity and floral for a truly exciting scent to add to your day.

Top notes: Plums, bergamot, apple

Heart notes: Lily, rose, freesia, morning orchid

Base notes: Amber, musk

Best for: The young professional (or young at heart) looking to add some fun to a 9-to-5.


22. Bright Crystal by Versace

This fresh perfume combines the best of floral, fruity and musky aromas for a truly unique, feminine scent that is the accessory to tanned skin and beachy waves in the summertime.

Top notes: Yuzu, pomegranate, frosted accord

Heart notes: Magnolia, peony, lotus

Base notes: Mahogany, musk, amber

Best for: The ultimate girly girl searching for the perfect scent to match her bubbly, hot pink personality.


23. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

This perfume combines floral notes and fruity aromas, creating a fresh, invigorating scent that will become the ultimate go-to fragrance, no matter the occasion.

Top notes: Green apple, Sicily cedar, bluebell

Heart notes: Jasmine, bamboo

Base notes: Amber, musk

Best for: Anyone looking for a new, reliable yet exciting scent that will never let her down.


24. Princess by Vera Wang

This playful floral and fruity fragrance was created to celebrate everything about you that makes you special, and you’ll be reminded with every spritz.

Top notes: Apple, apricot, mandarin orange, water lily

Heart notes: Tahitian gardenia, guava, dark chocolate

Base notes: Wood, amber, vanilla

Best for: Any woman who needs a confidence boost and reminder to bring out her royal attitude every now and then.


25. Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

This iconic fragrance combines fresh fruit and delicate florals to make an exciting, flirty fragrance that pairs perfectly with the freshness of springtime.

Top notes: Camellia flower, apple blossom, blackcurrant, mandarin orange

Heart notes: Honeysuckle, violet, lily, rose, grapefruit, lemon, mint

Base notes: Jasmine, magnolia, heather, cedar, sandalwood

Best for: The feminine girly-girl looking for a classic, fun fragrance that matches everything in her wardrobe.


26. Be Delicious by Donna Karan

This expert combination of floral, green and fruity accords makes for a truly fun, refreshing fragrance that will brighten and energize any day.

Top notes: Grapefruit, magnolia, cucumber

Heart notes: Green apple, tuberose, rose, lily-of-the-valley, violet

Base notes: Woods, sandalwood, amber

Best for: The free spirit who leaves a positive impression on everyone she comes across.


27.  Envy Me by Gucci

This bright, floral and fruity perfume creates a beautifully light and unmistakably feminine fragrance, tailor-made for warm summer nights.

Top notes: Peony, cassia, mango, pink pepper, pineapple

Heart notes: Musk, rose, white tea, pomegranate, lychee

Base notes: Teak, sandalwood, tobacco

Best for: The flirty young woman (or inner young woman) looking to add a splash of brightness to her life.


28. Boss Femme by Hugo Boss

This dreamy combination of floral and citrus accords provides a sparkling interpretation of a floral perfume, made for going from the desk to dinner and dancing.

Top notes: Blackcurrant, tangerine, white freesia

Heart notes: Bulgarian rose, jasmine, lily

Base notes: Amber, apricot, lemon tree

Best for: The chic woman on the go looking for a playfully feminine perfume.


29. Amarige by Givenchy

This scent balances out soft florals with a combination of fruit and woody scents, making for an exceptional perfume that goes with any mood, attitude or time of day.

Top notes: Mandarin, orange, peach, neroli, rosewood, plum

Heart notes: Blackcurrant, acacia, gardenia, tuberose, neroli, mimosa

Base notes: Cedar, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, musk, tonka bean

Best for: The on-the-go girl who wants a “one size fits all” scent she never has to worry about.


30. Juicy Couture

This classic fragrance exudes green notes with a hint of florals, making this delectable aroma unforgettable to anyone who comes across it.

Top notes: Watermelon, mandarin orange, passionfruit, green apple, green leaves, hyacinth, marigold

Heart notes: Lily, tuberose, rosehip

Base notes: Woods, patchouli, caramel, vanilla, crème brûlée

Best for: A multifaceted woman who refuses to fit into any single category, perfume included.


Floral and Sultry

Florals are often thought to be a safe and light scent, but that simply isn’t the case—especially for these 10 fragrances. Find a new date night go-to from these sensual, romantic perfumes.

31. Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

With the slogan “it’s good to be bad,” this sensual floral Oriental perfume explores the duality of good-girl sweet and bad-girl sass with a richly unforgettable aroma.

Top notes: Tuberose, jasmine

Heart notes: Tonka bean, vanilla, cinnamon, almond, clove

Base notes: Coffee, cocoa

Best for: Any woman looking to express her good-girl exterior and bad-girl mentality.


32. Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue

This uniquely refined scent mixes the best of floral, fruity and woody scents to create an intoxicating mix of sensuality and strength.

Top notes: Shiso, forget-me-not, clover, Granny Smith apple, blackcurrant

Middle notes: Peach, jasmine, rosyfolia, petalia, rose

Base notes: Musk, white woods, styrax, patchouli

Best for: The fearless woman who wants to show off the sultry, feminine side of her personality.


33. Jimmy Choo Illicit

This perfume puts a modern twist on floral fragrances, redefining the perfume by balancing zesty citrus and elegant florals for an alluringly subtle scent for every day.

Top notes: Ginger, bitter orange

Heart notes: Rose, orange blossom, jasmine sambac

Base notes: Honey, amber, caramel, sandalwood, cashmere wood

Best for: The fearless woman who fully embraces everything life throws at her and wants a scent to match her feisty personality.


34. Shalimar by Guerlain

Created in 1925 as an homage to the epic love affair that led to the construction of the Taj Mahal, this classic, opulent, woody floral perfume isn’t afraid to take risks.

Top notes: Bergamot, cedar, mandarin orange, lemon, citrus

Heart notes: Jasmine, iris, rose, vetiver, patchouli

Base notes: Leather, opoponax, sandalwood, tonka bean, ambergris, musk, incense

Best for: The true romantic who isn’t afraid to show off what makes her unique.


35. La Vie Est Belle by Lancome

A unique arrangement of floral, fruity and gourmand notes creates the aroma of this romantic and feminine perfume, with a scent tailor-made to last during chilly fall and winter nights.

Top notes: Blackcurrant, pear

Heart notes: Iris, jasmine, orange blossom

Base notes: Praline, vanilla, patchouli, tonka bean

Best for: The foodie who is inspired by her surroundings, on the hunt for a reliable perfume for fall and winter-time activities.


36. Jimmy Choo

This sophisticated, seductive spray expertly swirls floral and fruity notes to create an empowering, invigorating scent that captures attention.

Top notes: Mandarin orange, pear, green

Heart notes: Orchid

Base notes: Patchouli, toffee

Best for: The woman in touch with her sensuality who wants to leave a lasting impression on anyone she comes in contact with.


37. Sensuous by Estee Lauder

This exciting blend of floral and woody accords celebrates all of a woman’s sensuality, making for a lively, romantic scent perfect for a date night.

Top notes: Lily, jasmine, magnolia

Heart notes: Amber, molten wood

Base notes: Mandarin orange, honey, sandalwood, black pepper

Best for: The single girl on the go who wants her perfume to make the first impression on a date.


38. Romance by Ralph Lauren

This mesmerizing, seductive blend of spicy, floral and woody accords makes for a truly intoxicating scent that will take the breath away of any dinner date.

Top notes: Red rose, yellow freesia petals, lemon, chamomile, ginger

Heart notes: Lotus flower, white violet, carnation, lily

Base notes: White musk, oakmoss, patchouli, woods

Best for: Any woman looking to exude subtle sensuality without being over-the-top.


39. Eternity by Calvin Klein

Inspired by Klein’s own marriage, this floral, green and aromatic scent bottles up the essences of family, love and peace to be inspired and soothed by every spritz of this one-of-a-kind fragrance.

Top notes: Mandarin orange, freesia, sage, citrus and green elements

Heart notes: Marigold, lily-of-the-valley, narcissus, jasmine, rose, violet, carnation, lily

Base notes: Purple heliotrope, patchouli, golden amber, sandalwood, white musk

Best for: The classic woman looking for an exhilarating everyday scent to take her from day to night.


40. Armani Si

This head-turning perfume combines floral and woody scents, creating an alluring and intoxicating aroma that won’t soon be forgotten.

Top notes: White cedarwood, Italian blackberries

Heart notes: Nectar, freesia, May rose, cassis

Base notes: Chypre accord, vanilla patchouli, orcanox, musky wood

Best for: Any woman who wants to leave an impression in each and every room.


Floral and Exciting

Have you ever wanted a floral perfume with a little bit of an edge? Look no further than these 10 fragrances that prove florals can be exciting and unique.

41. Insolence by Guerlain

This youthful, bold scent expertly mixes fruity and floral accords to make for an exciting, electrifying scent that will linger long after you’ve left a room.

Top notes: Violet, raspberry

Heart notes: Orange blossom, rose, violet

Base notes: Balsam, raisin, iris, tonka bean

Best for: The mysterious woman who wants to leave everyone she comes across wanting a little more.


42. Ysatis by Givenchy

This intoxicating fragrance blends together aromatic, citrus, flora and earthy accords to make a heavenly perfume that shows bold and daring can be best.

Top notes: Orange blossom, mandarin orange citrus, Brazilian rosewood, bergamot, ylang-ylang, coconut, galbanum, aldehydes

Heart notes: Tuberose, narcissus, rum, iris, carnation, rose, jasmine

Base notes: Green laurels, oakmoss, cloves, patchouli, vetiver, amber, vanilla, civet, sandalwood, honey, musk

Best for: The bold woman looking for a sophisticated aroma that will remind her of her inner and outer beauty.


43. Exclamation by Coty

This invigorating spritz brings together sweet fruits, soft florals and spicy warmth to create a well-rounded fragrance to create something a little more exciting than an everyday floral spray.

Top notes: Apricot, peach, bergamot, green

Heart notes: Jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, heliotrope, orris root

Base notes: Amber, sandalwood, musk, cinnamon

Best for: Any woman who wants to add a little pop of brightness and excitement to a typical day.


44. Red Door by Elizabeth Arden

This now-classic perfume walks the line between floral and oriental without being overpowering, making for a truly decadent aroma of all things floral, woody, and spicy.

Top notes: Orange blossom, plum, peach, anise

Heart notes: Rose, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, ylang-ylang, orris, honey

Base notes: Heliotrope, sandalwood, cedar, musk, amber, benzoin

Best for: The working woman who wants something classic, but not anything boring.


45. John Paul Gaultier

This sweetly heady perfume expertly serves up an Oriental floral aroma, making this uniquely intoxicating, long-lasting spray perfect for cool, crisp fall and winter evenings.

Top notes: Orange blossom, mandarin orange, star anise, pear, rose, bergamot

Heart notes: Ylang-ylang, orchid, iris, ginger, tuberose, plum

Base notes: Amber, musk, vanilla, cinnamon, sandalwood

Best for: A woman looking for a perfume that will last her through layers of winter wear and cold-weather parties.


46. Gucci Rush

This expert blend of spicy Oriental, floral and wood accords makes for a truly unique perfume, designed for compliments and head turns.

Top notes: African freesia, peach, California gardenia

Heart notes: Turkish rose, jasmine, coriander

Base notes: Vetiver, patchouli, vanilla

Best for: The professional woman looking to make an entrance before she’s even entered the room.


47. Mitsouko by Guerlain

This intoxicating, floral, fruity and Cyphre fragrance packs quite a punch with its smoky, mysterious charm that will draw you back again and again.

Top notes: Jasmine, rose, bergamot, citrus

Heart notes: Lilac, peach, ylang-ylang

Base notes: Amber, cinnamon, vetiver, oakmoss, spices

Best for: Any woman looking to add a touch of mystery and surprise to a typical day.


48. Hugo Deep Red by Hugo Boss

This provocative fragrance blends juicy fruits, delicate florals and spicy woods to create a fresh, feminine perfume that promises to be unlike anything you’ve tried before.

Top notes: Clementine, pear, orange, blackcurrant, blood orange

Heart notes: Ginger flower, freesia, tuberose, hibiscus seed, ginger

Base notes: California cedar, sandalwood, musk, vanilla

Best for: Any woman looking to stand out from the crowd, while still remaining mysterious.


49. Alien by Thierry Mugler

Price: $38.25 for 1 oz

This remarkably mysterious perfume combines wood and floral scents to create a unique fragrance, with a single spray long-lasting enough to take you from day to night.

Top notes: Indian jasmine

Heart notes: Woods

Base notes: White amber

Best for: A distinctive woman who wants a unique “set it and forget it” perfume that easily transitions from work to play.


50. L’heure Bleu by Guerlain

This timeless, romantic perfume, created in 1912, proves that exciting fragrances don’t need an unexpected element to catch the nose by surprise.

Top notes: Aniseed, bergamot

Heart notes: Carnation, neroli, jasmine, tuberose, rose, violet

Base notes: Iris, violet, tonka bean, benzoin

Best for: The classic woman looking for a timeless, yet still surprising signature scent.


No matter which floral perfume you make your own, remember that perfume doesn’t make you—you make the perfume! Choose something that compliments your personality, blends effortlessly with the woman you are and makes you happy each time you wear it. Embrace all that a floral perfume offers, while making it uniquely your own. Pick up one (or more!) of these floral favorites at a discount to ensure you ever go out of style.


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